Artist Statement

My current work explores ever-changing creation. I look to the universe to see how it creates. I see that it moves between chaos and order always turning, turning. I adapt this rhythm in my work. The space of my canvas is in constant flux. Creation happens at the edge of the chaos/order tension. The chaos stage is unnerving, but I trust the process.

 Using water-soluble oils I can mix the opposites of oil and water to create wonderful reactions. Galaxies are born, faces appear.

I must be awake and aware so that I can see the miracle immerging in the chaos

The paintings’ structure consists of multiple events - layers that eventually bring forth order. The finished piece represents ‘stopped time’.

The Project, Finding Beauty in the Beast" is a collaboration between me and a cancer researcher, Dhruba Deb.
I am using two paradigms to find some beauty in cancer cells: The Chaos Theory and wabi-sabi.

Chaos is a nerve-wracking partner. But to live with the paradox of chaos is to be open to new ideas and to give birth to new ways of seeing. This is necessary for art and for research.
       "Paradoxes take us to the edge of logical, rational thoughts. They cause our minds to run in loops...
 there can be no resolution from within the context in which they were framed....
         Logical thought has a blind spot."

Wabi-sabi is a Zen way of seeing the world.  It is not rational and stresses the beauty of what is incomplete and imperfect.Wabi-sabi does not separate the beautiful from the ugly. The perception of beauty is a dynamic activity. With the right context anything can become beautiful.

With these two tools I hope to take my mind and the viewer's mind into mental chaos. Hopefully, our minds with shift and we will be able to see cancer in a new way.